‘Ah one more game’


It has been over a week since I last posted and that has been because of two reasons:

1. Homework

2. FIFA 14

It has mainly been the second one, with FIFA often overruling homework as well. It’s an addiction as many other video game players would agree, not just people who play FIFA. The phrase ‘Ah one more game’ is common in my house.

But football video games are the only ones I really play. Games like FIFA, PES, Football Manager. I have never really been interested in games such as GTA or Call of Duty. It has always been football games for me.

I started off playing FIFA 06 on my Nintendo DS Lite when I was about eight. I am now almost 15 and playing FIFA 14 on my Xbox 360. There have been times inbetween when I was addicted to Pro Evolution Soccer on the Wii, but now it’s all about FIFA on the Xbox.

But what causes the addiction? I personally find that I want to carry on playing because there is an important game coming up or I need to sign a specific player in the transfer window. Sometimes if I lose a big match then I prefer not to go on the game for a few days, it annoys me.

I am currently managing Arsenal on FIFA 14.
I am currently managing Arsenal on FIFA 14.

The games are basically the next best thing to football management. You want to see a player sign for your club, so you sign him in Football Manager. You want to see your club promoted, you attempt to do so in FIFA.

However sometimes it can be just too unrealistic. I know that many Football Manager players will disagree with me when I say that I don’t see the fun in taking Woking from the Conference to the Champions League in six seasons. It is just unrealistic. But I know that’s why most people get the fun out of the games.

I try to keep my careers on FIFA as realistic as possible. Playing as Tottenham last year, I didn’t win the Premier League until I had a squad that was realistically capable of doing so. I didn’t win the Champions League until I had Cristiano Ronaldo in my squad.

Games such as FIFA and Football Manager give fans the chance to experience life as a football manager
Games such as FIFA and Football Manager give fans the chance to experience life as a football manager

But that may be just me. Many people just go straight to glory, trying to win as many trophies as possible with Fulham, for example, who are an average Premier League team at best.

Whatever your view on these games, they do provide fans with that extra bit more realism of what it is like to be Jose Mourinho or Manuel Pellegrini.

Leave a comment below on how you prefer to play and whether you like to be realistic or not. Also, if you are enjoying my blog posts feel free to comment on what I should write about and also take at look at my writer’s page on Touchline Talk, where it will show you all the articles I have written: news stories and features. http://www.touchlinetalk.com/author/olly-allen/

Furthermore, because it is now half term (yay!), expect more posts in the next few days, I have quite a few ideas!


One thought on “‘Ah one more game’

  1. I am also a football/game addict, i usually while away my time playing Realfootball or fifa on my phone. But unfortunately, i am nt opportuned to play it on Xbox,Ps3 or whatever.

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