Update – 26th January 2014

I thought I’d do this post just let you guys know a few things about my posts and this blog as you may have noticed my last two posts have been features I have written for Touchline Talk.

I have been unable to post pieces unique to just this blog because, it may sound silly, but I just appear to have less time at the moment. I take this blog very seriously and love writing about football so I always think and write down days I possibly could get some posts done, but every day seems to be jam-packed at the moment, I don’t know. Obviously with my GCSE mocks coming up, the time to post is going to decrease even more. The mocks are actually taking place in the week the World Cup begins, which isn’t helpful, but once they are over, I am looksting forward to producing some of the best original tournament coverage on this blog.

My role within Touchline Talk is also growing, so I am spending more time writing for them and another website called WhatCulture have offered me the opportunity to write for them and earn some money by doing so. I am also considering starting a Reading FC blog, previewing and reviewing matches as well as looking at the latest Royals transfer news. All these commitments, mean that this blog isn’t exactly taking centre stage at the moment, something I hope to change in the next few months.

You may think that this means that the activity on this blog will be very quiet, but although the amount of posts per month will decrease, I will still write them but only perhaps two or three times a month, again something I hope to change. A relative gave me the idea of writing about the number of foreign players in the Premier League at the moment, an idea I like the sound of and have developed into a possibility of a ‘Foreign Invasion’ series, where I also talk about the effect of managers and owners from abroad as well as players in England’s top division. Some other ideas for posts I have are:

  • Do Chelsea really need another striker?
  • How being is the gap between the Premier League and the Championship?
  • Deadline day round-up
  • Top 5 January Transfer Window Deals
  • 5 January transfer window rumours that were complete rubbish
  • Barclays Premier League Review – January

Obviously a lot of these are fitting for the next few weeks, meaning the last blast of regular posts for a while is coming up. I will also consider any ideas you have for me to write about, just let me know in the comments.

Things of course may change so follow my Twitter (@OllyAllen1998) for more regular updates on this blog and just football in general. In the meantime, if you enjoy my posts on this blog, please feel free to read some of my work for Touchline Talk here: http://www.touchlinetalk.com/author/olly-allen/

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you understand that this blog is going through a blip at the moment and by the end of the season/World Cup, the posts will be more regular.


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