Update – 28th May 2014


As you may have noticed, I have not posted a piece of my own for over two weeks and you may be wondering why.

Well, I am currently working on previews for 8 World Cup groups to be published in the run up to the tournament, and I am hoping to get Group A out by the end of tomorrow (Thursday 29th) and continue to publish one group preview per day. This may or may not end up happening, depending on how much time I have.

Time has been and will be the reason why posts are currently few and far between. I have begun revising for my Year 10 mock GCSE’s which begin the week beginning Monday 16th June and conclude at the end of the following the week. Annoyingly, these two weeks coincide with the beginning of the World Cup, so unfortunately, please do not expect any other posts from me apart from the World Cup previews from now, until then. Exceptions may be made however if I choose to write previews and reviews of England’s fixtures – but do not guarantee I will write these. I will also continue to post Kyle Goldsmith’s pieces whenever he chooses to write them.

After my exams are over, my timetable will be less hectic thankfully, and I should be able to produce some top quality World Cup coverage, hopefully being able to publish at least two pieces a week, whilst I will be working heavily on pieces as we near the latter stage of the tournament.

If you have any other questions you wish to ask me about this blog, or just football in general, I would be more than happy to hear them – I will never turn down a conservation on football!

Thanks for your kind words and support as always guys,



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