Can Germany hold onto their crown?


And by that question I don’t mean in Russia in four years time. I have had a little idea just for fun that I will track Germany’s results to see if how long they can stay victorious. If they are beaten, then their conquerers are effectively world champions, using the theory that if A beats B and then B beats C, then C is better than A. Not following? Here’s a funny example from last season that a national newspaper published:

  • (At the time of writing) Hyde have won one game in the Football Conference, while Bayern Munich are European Champions, but, using the formula that A beat B, and B beat C, therefore A is better than C, it’s possible to prove that Hyde are the better team.
  • That’s because in Hyde’s only victory of the season they beat Welling, who in turn beat Luton, who beat Kidderminster. Therefore, using the theory, that would mean Hyde are better than Kidderminster.
  • Going on another step, Kidderminster beat Peterborough in the FA Cup, which, if you’re still following, means Hyde are better than Peterborough, but Peterborough beat Reading so Hyde are therefore better than Reading.
  • Reading, however, beat Derby County, who in turn beat Wigan which means that Peterborough (and therefore Hyde) are better than Wigan. Wigan also beat Cardiff in the FA cup, who beat Manchester City in the Premier League, which makes Hyde better than Manchester City.
  • City, famously beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League meaning that, in just ten steps it’s possible to prove that Hyde are better than Bayern Munich!

Hopefully you’ve got the idea by now, so these are Germany’s next five fixtures, and funnily enough, they are currently scheduled to play Argentina in a friendly in September:

  • vs Argentina (H) – Friendly International – 3rd September 2014
  • vs Scotland (H) – Euro 2016 Qualifier – 7th September 2014
  • vs Poland (A) – Euro 2016 Qualifier – 11th October 2014
  • vs Republic of Ireland (H) – Euro 2016 Qualifier – 14th October 2014
  • vs Gibraltar (H) – Euro 2016 Qualifier – 14th November 2014

So if Argentina beat Germany, they become what I am calling ‘ABC’ World Champions, and anyone who then beats them become winners. If they fail to do so, Scotland could be ABC World Champions, and the process continues.

Hopefully you follow the idea, and I will update you with how Germany get on in September!


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