2014-15 season: What is to come on this blog?


With my World Cup analysis all over and done with, thoughts now turn to the 2014-15 season which promises to be full of excitement, drama and surprises. But what have I got planned on this blog?

First, before the season begins I’m doing brief previews of League One and Two, as well as in-depth previews of The Premier League and Championship, all four previews with predictions. I am also considering doing a preview for European football in 2014-15 but it all depends on whether I have time. I am on holiday from the 1st to the 15th August, during which time the Football League starts, whilst the Premier League starts the day after my return. I am taking my laptop with me, so will do as best I can to get all the above previews published in time. When the season begins, it will be these three features I will aim to do every week:

  • The Big Match – Preview to a game from the weekend’s Premier League matches. These will be much similar to the previews I did for the World Cup (the key battle, previous meetings etc.)
  • Rant of the Week – I’ll pick a football-related topic which is on my mind and basically just complain about it. Simple
  • Future Star – A mini scout report on an up and coming player in the game. This will either be someone I have selected or I will take suggestions from you guys.

These won’t be a formality, but I will try and get them out as often as I can but other things may/will pop up such as DofE and mock exams. If I cannot get these published, I will notify on Twitter (@OllyAllen1998).

Finally, for my my season previews, I will be looking to get views from you guys about your team’s prospects for the season ahead, no matter what division they’re in. I would really appreciate if you could Facebook message me a few lines about your team or email me at oallen14@yahoo.co.uk. I will put a call out on social media in the next week or so, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing it now. It would be a great help.

Olly 🙂


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