IFNS 1 Year On – The Stats


In the final of today’s three celebratory posts, I take a look at this blog’s stats over the course of the last 12 months…

Most Viewed Posts

  1. My Greatest World Cup XI ever
  2. Who is next to take on the poisoned chalice? (written by Kyle Goldsmith)
  3. Top 10 2014-15 Premier League kits
  4. World Cup Previews – Group H
  5. Five things I learned from the World Cup group stages

Most posts viewed per day

February 10th 2014 – Posts Published: Five things I learned from the Premier League this weekend

Most posts viewed per month

July 2014 – Posts Published: The Curious Case of Costa Rica, “I believe that we will win!”, And then there were eight: World Cup Quarter-Finals preview, Four of the best: World Cup Semi-Finals preview, The good and the bad of the £75 million man, The game that no one wanted to play: 2014 World Cup Third Place Play-Off Preview, Victory is in sight: 2014 World Cup Final Preview, 2014 World Cup Review, Top 10 Moments from the 2014 World Cup, Can Germany hold onto their crown?, 2014 Predictions: A look back, 2014-15 season: What is to come on this blog?, What does pre-season tell us?Top 10 2014-15 Premier League kits

Most Popular Countries to view my posts from

  1. United Kingdom
  2. USA
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Canada

I’ve even had views from a country that I’ve never heard of before, so thank you to the person from Myanmar in Asia who took the time to read my blog.

Most Popular Topics I’ve written about

*Bearing in mind I have published 109 posts before today and have had to categorise them together. Some posts fall into multiple catergories.

  1. 2014 World Cup
  2. Season/World Cup previews
  3. Top 5s/10s
  4. England
  5. Premier League monthly reviews

Most posts in a day

TODAY! – To celebrate the first anniversary of this blog, I am publishing three posts in one day for the first time ever!

Thank you for your continued support and kind comments over the past 12 months, hopefully you’ll enjoy the content I put up in the next year as this blog continues to grow 🙂


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