Twitter Reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo winning the Ballon d’Or


On Monday evening, Cristiano Ronaldo picked up the award for the best player in the world for the second year in a row, gaining over 37% of the vote to beat Lionel Messi and Manuel Neuer.

As expected, Twitter went into overdrive reacting to the Real Madrid star’s win, and here’s the best of the tweets…

Out of all the great players to have featured for Real Madrid, Ronaldo is the first to do this…

With more votes than Messi and Neuer put together, was there ever only going to be one winner?

Nike have brought out some incredibly sexy boots for Ronaldo to celebrate his achievement

The Barcelona president stakes the claim for his star player. This article couldn’t just be about Ronny!

Some people think the bigger question is about which part of Ronaldo’s throat the sound of his whooping reaction came from, in his acceptance speech.

There’s been many vines taking the mick out of the sound, and here’s my favourite one…

Just as there were many vines, there were also plenty of tributes from celebs and footballers. First up, Piers Morgan, who’s becoming a regular on Twitter reacts…

Gary Lineker comments on Roy Hodgson’s voting choices. Maybe he wanted a clean sheet…

Gareth Bale, who enraged Ronaldo for not passing the ball during Saturday’s match against Espanyol, tried to get back in good graces by offering up his congratulations.

I’ll leave you with the man himself, who’ll be fighting to defend his title once more in 2015…


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