What would happen in a football 6 nations?


After the conclusion of the Rugby Six Nations last weekend, it got me thinking, what would happen if there was a football version of the annual tournament? There used to be the ‘Home Nations’ tournament, including all the British teams, so why can’t this one take place?

Here’s my low-down of the teams involved, and how I think it would turn out…



  • Manager: Roy Hodgson
  • Captain: Wayne Rooney
  • Key Man: Harry Kane
  • World Cup best: Winners (1966)
  • European Championship best: Semi-finals (1968, 1996)
  • Record vs France: W16 L8 D5
  • Record vs Ireland: W5 L2 D7
  • Record vs Italy: W8 L10 D7
  • Record vs Scotland: W47 L41 D25
  • Record vs Wales: W66 L14 D21


Didier Deschamps

  • Manager: Didier Deschamps
  • Captain: Hugo Lloris
  • Key Man: Karim Benzema
  • World Cup best: Winners (1998)
  • European Championship best: Winners (1984, 2000)
  • Record vs England: W8 L16 D5
  • Record vs Ireland: W6 L4 D5
  • Record vs Italy: W8 L17 D10
  • Record vs Scotland: W7 L8 D0
  • Record vs Wales: W2 L1 D1



  • Manager: Martin O’Neill
  • Captain: Robbie Keane
  • Key Man: Robbie Keane
  • World Cup best: Quarter-finals (1990)
  • European Championship best: Quarter-finals (1964)
  • Record vs England: W2 L5 D7
  • Record vs France: W4 L6 D5
  • Record vs Italy: W2 L8 D3
  • Record vs Scotland: W4 L4 D2
  • Record vs Wales: W5 L5 D3



  • Manager: Antonio Conte
  • Captain: Gianluigi Buffon
  • Key Man: Claudio Marchisio
  • World Cup best: Winners (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)
  • European Championship best: Winners (1968)
  • Record vs England: W10 L8 D7
  • Record vs France: W17 L8 D10
  • Record vs Ireland: W8 L2 D3
  • Record vs Scotland: W7 L1 D2
  • Record vs Wales: W7 L2 D0


Scotland v Republic of Ireland - EURO 2016 Qualifier

  • Manager: Gordon Strachan
  • Captain: James Morrison
  • Key Man: Ikechi Anya
  • World Cup best: 9th (1974)
  • European Championship best: Quarter-finals (1992)
  • Record vs England: W41 L47 D25
  • Record vs France: W8 L7 D0
  • Record vs Ireland: W4 L4 D2
  • Record vs Italy: W1 L7 D2
  • Record vs Wales: W61 L23 D23



  • Manager: Chris Coleman
  • Captain: Ashley Williams
  • Key Man: Gareth Bale
  • World Cup best: Quarter-finals (1958)
  • European Championship best: Never qualified
  • Record vs England: W14 L66 D21
  • Record vs France: W1 L2 D1
  • Record vs Ireland: W5 L5 D3
  • Record vs Italy: W2 L7 D0
  • Record vs Scotland: W23 L61 D23


Matchday 1

  • Wales 1-2 England
  • France 3-0 Scotland
  • Italy 2-1 Ireland


Good start for the three favourites…

Matchday 2

  • Ireland 1-1 France
  • England 2-2 Italy
  • Scotland 0-1 Wales


Two draws as Gareth Bale and co pick up their first points…

Matchday 3

  • France 1-0 Wales
  • Scotland 0-2 Italy
  • Ireland 1-2 England


Still tight at the top, but the French have had the lead since the start…

Matchday 4

  • England 2-0 Scotland
  • Wales 2-2 Ireland
  • Italy 1-1 France


But it’s England who lead the table outright going into the final set of fixtures…

Matchday 5

  • England 0-1 France
  • Scotland 0-1 Ireland
  • Italy 2-1 Wales



France win the crucial final day encounter to win the trophy on goal difference ahead of Italy. England finish a commendable third, whilst Ireland just pip Wales to fourth on the final day. It doesn’t look so great for Scotland who lost all their games, and in rugby terminology, received the ‘wooden spoon’. Congratulations Didier Deschamps’ men!


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