Update: 30th May 2015

GCSE Exams

Time for another update. The last one of these came nearly a year ago, but I thought it’s time to let you know what will be happening on this blog over the next couple of months.

My GCSEs begin in just 11 days time, and I have just about managed to combine writing on this blog with revision, but you may have seen the number of posts per week gradually drop recently.

Hopefully you can understand that my exams are incredibly important, and they have to take priority over writing on here. Last year, my mocks coincided with the majority of the World Cup, and these exams now come at the same time as the end of the season. Bad timing or what.

Up until the end of the season, I will continue to do a Big Match Preview every weekend (that’s four more games), which generally come out on the day before the game takes place, meaning I can write it on a Friday or Saturday, when I have more time. Unfortunately, there will be no mid-week opinion pieces, analysis etc during this time.

The end of the Football League campaign (bar the play-offs) is this weekend, meaning I am hoping to get the season reviews out for the Championship, League One and League Two before my exams begin. The Premier League rather annoyingly finishes on May 24th, slap bang in the middle of my timetable.

Half term does fall the week directly after though, so I should just about be able to squeeze in the season review and things I have learned, just like I did last season. The only other things I expect to post are Big Match Previews for the FA Cup and Champions League finals, as well as looking back on the predictions I made back in August. Once all that is posted though, expect a complete blank until when my exams finish (June 12th). Then though, I will be back and raring to go, perhaps even with a triple upload to celebrate.

So although the posts will be reduced, season reviews for the top four leagues should all be up as well as a few Big Match Previews.

Keep reading, keep enjoying, hopefully understanding why this is necessary.

Thanks as always,




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