Write for the Daily Heckle!

Daily Heckle

Strapped for cash this summer? Love getting things off your chest? Why not write for The Daily Heckle?!

Whether you want to go into journalism as a future career or not, The Daily Heckle is a great website for you to write about anything from sport to TV or music to literature. You can be as controversial or comical as you like! Plus, you get paid too, which is even better!

I started writing for them about a month ago, and have already written a few posts which you can see here. I even went out of my comfort zone to talk about Eurovision!

Here’s how it works:

1. Register

It’s really easy to sign up, and you can do so here. Just enter a few details, a short biography and a writing sample about your favourite film. If it’s good, then you’re in!

2. Article Writing

When it comes to article writing, there’s two choices. You could pick one of the jobs posted by the editors and get cracking straight away. Alternatively, you can suggest your own article idea, with a brief overview on what you would write about. If it’s good, then you can start writing!

3. Submitting the post

You’re given a deadline on when to write the piece by, and then just go on to the website and click on ‘Submit a Post‘. Just enter the text into the box and all the formatting is done for you. Simples!

4. Get Paid

Once the article has been published, you will be paid within three days. Depending on the size of the article, writing jobs vary from £7.50 and £20. The Daily Heckle use Skrill, which is really simple to set up an account on, and you can easily transfer the money from this account to your bank cards and accounts.

Want more info? Click here.

Want to sign up now? Do so here.

I would honestly recommend going for it guys, whether journalism is your thing or not. It’s a great thing to do! Visit the site: http://thedailyheckle.net/


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