Support England This Summer!


The Premier League has finished. Boo! The FA Cup has reached its conclusion. Boo! The play-offs have dramatically decided promotion and are now over. Boo! The Champions League will find its winner this Saturday. Boo!

That leaves no football until the new season begins in August. In fact it doesn’t, as there are two international tournaments that can provide with your fix for the next month or so. Yay!

On the day of the Champions League final, the Women’s World Cup in Canada begins and runs for almost a month until July 5th. June 17th then sees the start of the Under-21 European Championships in the Czech Republic, which is on for 13 days. England are competing in both, but not only that, they have decent chances in each competition too!

England Women
England Women

Here on It’s Football Not Soccer, I have compiled mini-previews on both tournaments so you can have all the info before they begin and then sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment that the competitions will provide. All the way through each tournament I will preview every single one of England’s games, other big matches, and of course the final (not to say England won’t be in it!). It’s an opportunity to cheer on our stars of the future and talented females, and it will all be on this blog and shown on TV.

If you hadn’t previously thought about this prospect, I sincerely encourage to do so, and my Women’s World Cup Preview will be published tomorrow (Thursday 4th June) to kick things off.

England Under 21s

Come on the Lionesses and Young Lions!!


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