2015-16 Season: What is to come on this blog?


It’s been a week since I last published a post which is a long time in comparison to my recent uploading schedule. The interview with Gary Johnson has proved to be one of the most popular posts ever on It’s Football Not Soccer, and capped a hectic few weeks following The Women’s World Cup and Under 21 European Championships.

That’s why I felt that I needed a small break following posting nearly every day during those tournaments, which is great, but it can get slightly exhausting. But now I’m refreshed and ready to go for the exciting new 2015-16 campaign, and here’s what you can expect over the coming months.

Last season I did a Top 10 Premier League Kits article which is incredibly the most viewed post ever on this blog, so I will be doing a 2015-16 version in the coming week when all the teams have released their new shirts.

Again, like last season, I will be doing previews to the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two in the build up to the big kick-off on August 8th, but there is one slight hitch. Usually I buy magazines to help me with my previews (I can’t be expected to know everything about all 92 teams!), but I go away on the last day of July, so won’t be able to buy these. That leaves me with the internet, which hopefully should have enough of what I need in order to produce quality articles, and not something I’ve typed up in a frustrated rush. For my Premier League preview, I’m looking to collaborate with fan blogs from all 20 clubs, something which I also hope to do throughout the campaign.

I’ve done two interviews so far on this blog with Lauren Bruton and Gary Johnson, both of which have gone down really well. There will definitely be plenty more in the coming months as the blog continues to grow, and I am speaking to Sunderland Ladies striker Stephanie Roche tomorrow (Monday 20th).

The Big Match Preview will return once the season begins again, looking ahead to one Premier League game each weekend, whilst I think I will also starting doing them for Champions League games as well, if I have the time.

A new feature I am looking to introduce also on a weekly basis is Premier League predictions, much like the BBC’s Mark Lawrenson does on Football Focus. I, along with a guest, will guess the scores of the weekend’s Premier League games, with two points for the correct score and one point for the correct result. There will then be a weekly winner, and an end of season winner as well.

As for the next few weeks before the season previews are out, I’ve said the top 10 kits article and the interview with Stephanie Roche will be published, whilst I’m also going to re-start the Best Players Alphabet series, in which I got to the letter E before unconsciously stopping at the end of April.

I’m certainly looking forward to the new campaign and what it will bring for this blog, and hopefully this little update has made you excited for 2015-16 as well.


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