Vote for me at The Football Blogging Awards!


We all have career aspirations, and as you probably know, mine is to be a football journalist. That’s why I write this blog, to not only gain experience, but because I love doing so. Hopefully you enjoy reading it, whether that be every article or just the odd post. That’s why I would be hugely, hugely grateful if you were to vote for me as the Young Football Blogger of the Year in the 2015 Football Blogging Awards.

Even if you know me well or hardly at all, I couldn’t thank you enough if you took the time to vote. Over the last year, I think It’s Football Not Soccer has come on loads. I have begun to interview professional players and managers, and views have shot up. Personally, I have become the Sports Expert on the Daily Heckle and also been made assistant editor on The Tilehurst End, so hopefully that is enough to merit your vote.

If you’re on Twitter, you can vote by just clicking this link.

If not, no worries. Just click here, and enter It’s Football Not Soccer (Olly Allen) into the ‘Best Young Football Blogger’ box along with your name and email.

As aforementioned, it would mean a huge, huge deal to me if you were to vote and if there was some way of thanking you all individually I would love to do so.


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