It’s Football Not Soccer is Two!

IFNS 2nd birthday

Get the party poppers popping, the party hats on your head and cut the cake – It’s Football Not Soccer celebrates it’s second birthday today!

That’s right, on October 15th 2013, the first ever post on this blog was published, and since then, I have posted a total of 292 articles, ranging from opinion pieces to match previews. There’s even been some new features in the last year since the first anniversary of the blog. In June, I had my first ever interview as I quizzed Reading FC Women star Lauren Bruton, whilst I have also spoken to Cheltenham Town boss Gary Johnson and Sunderland Ladies striker Stephanie Roche to get their exclusive views for It’s Football Not Soccer. Across the summer, I had extensive coverage of both the Women’s World Cup and Under-21 European Championships, with England’s success at the tournaments ranging dramatically. Finally, I have introduced Premier League Predictions each week, and so far I have taken on star of The Apprentice Felipe Alviar-Baquero, former footballer Jason Roberts as well as a few of my friends.

So that’s what’s happened on my blog in the last year, but what has gone on in the world of football since I started this blog two years ago? Here’s ten facts as I crunch the numbers….

  1. Since my first post was published, 770 games have been played in the Premier League

2. Since my first post was published, 2084 goals have been scored in the Premier League. That’s an average of 2.7 goals per game.

3. The most amount of money a club has paid for a player is £75 million, when Barcelona bought Luis Suarez from Liverpool in July 2014.

4. There have been 25 managerial changes in the Premier League. Crystal Palace have switched bosses the most – three times in two years.

5. Germany won the men’s World Cup in July 2014 (their fourth title), and the USA won the women’s World Cup in July 2015 (their third title).

6. Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Ballon D’Or twice, taking his total haul to three.

7. Compared to Lionel Messi who has scored 106 goals since the blog started, Ronaldo has hit the back of the net 122 times.

8. Liverpool have gone from second in the Premier League with Brendan Rodgers in charge to tenth in the league having just appointed Jurgen Klopp to replace the Northern Irishman.

9. 12 players have made their debuts for England – Fraser Forster, Adam Lallana, Jay Rodriguez, Luke Shaw, John Stones, Jon Flanagan, Calum Chambers, Fabian Delph, Nathaniel Clyne, Harry Kane, Ryan Mason and Jamie Vardy.

10. Blackpool have gone from being in the Championship play-off places to being in the League One relegation zone as they stake their claim for ‘biggest club in crisis’.

As for the blog itself, here are the stats:

Top 5 Most Read Posts 

  1. Top 10 2015-16 Premier League Kits
  2. Top 10 2014-15 Premier League Kits
  3. My Greatest World Cup XI Ever
  4. Gary Johnson Interview
  5. 2015-16 Premier League Preview #1

Top 5 Categories (some posts fall into multiple categories)

  1. The Premier League – 129 posts
  2. The Big Match Preview – 63 posts
  3. Discussions – 51 posts
  4. The Football League – 30 posts
  5. 2014 World Cup – 26 posts

Top 5 Teams Most Written About (based on tags)

  1. Chelsea – 43 posts
  2. Arsenal – 49 posts
  3. Liverpool – 39 posts
  4. Manchester United – 38 posts
  5. Manchester City – 31 posts

Most Popular Month – July 2015

Posts published: Women’s World Cup: Japan vs England PreviewUnder 21 European Championships ReviewWomen’s World Cup: Germany vs England PreviewWomen’s World Cup Final: USA vs Japan PreviewABC World Cup: We Have New Holders (Again!)Women’s World Cup ReviewTop 10 Moments From The Women’s World CupHow bright is the future for England?What kind of legacy will the Lionesses have?Gary Johnson Interview2015-16 Season: What is to come on this blog?Stephanie Roche InterviewGetting the Football Buzz BackTop 10 2015-16 Premier League KitsBuilding the Perfect Fantasy Football Team

Happy Birthday to all of these past and current professional footballers celebrating today:

  • Stanley Menzo (ex Ajax and Netherlands international) – 52 today
  • Jorge Campos (ex LA Galaxy and Mexico international) – 49 today
  • Didier Deschamps (ex Juventus and France international) – 47 today
  • Vitor Baia (ex Barcelona and Portugal international) – 46 today
  • Andy Cole (ex Manchester United and England international) – 44 today
  • Omer Catkic (ex Bursaspor and Turkey international) – 41 today
  • Glen Little (ex Reading) – 40 today
  • David Trezeguet (ex Juventus and France international) – 38 today
  • Patricio Urrutia (ex Barcelona and Ecuador international) – 37 today
  • Paul Robinson (ex Tottenham Hotspur and England international) – 36 today
  • Izale McCleod (Notts County) – 31 today
  • Walter Alberto Lopez (ex West Ham and Uruguay international) – 30 today
  • Mesut Ozil (Arsenal and Germany) – 27 today
  • Alex Fernandez (Reading) – 23 today

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog in the last two years, whether you’ve been there from the start or have only started reading recently. This is what I would love to do as a career, and I’ve progressed on here more than I would have ever believed. Who would have thought two years ago that I would be interviewing professional footballers and managers?!

I also need to say thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me at the Football Blogging Awards. Unfortunately I did not make the shortlist for the Young Blogger accolade, but the Reading website that I am an assistant editor for, The Tilehurst End, has been shortlisted for the Best Established Football Blog. This means that I will be heading up to Manchester on November 19th for the awards ceremony itself. I am considering doing my first ever vlog for the event, so let me know if this is something you would want to see. If you could take the time to vote for The Tilehurst End, whether you’re a Royals fan or not, it would be greatly appreciated. 

That pretty much rounds everything up in this two year anniversary post, thanks again for everything, and I hope to carry on for as long as I can!


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