Premier League Predictions Week 9 vs Kieran Rawnsley


It all seemed a bit quiet during the international break with no Premier League Predictions or Big Match Preview, but both are back with the return of top tier action this weekend. First up, it’s the predictions, and if you cast your mind back two weeks ago, I took on Thomas Fletcher, who unfortunately equalled the lowest ever score of two set by Kyle Goldsmith the previous week. He guessed just two results correctly compared to my three correct results and two correct scores which gave me a score of seven – my joint highest tally. Maybe Fletch will back on the blog later in the season to try and avenge his score. It leaves the current leaderboard looking like this:

  1. Mitch Clarke – 7
  2. Tom Malley, Olly (average) – 6
  3. Felipe Alviar-Baquero – 5
  4. My Dad – 4
  5. Benjamin Wills, Jason Roberts – 3
  6. Kyle Goldsmith, Thomas Fletcher – 2
  • Olly’s Total = 46
  • Guests’ Total = 32

This week, it’s the turn of another football friend (*insert Jay from The Inbetweeners reference here*), Kieran Rawnsley, who is a Leeds United fan, so another fan of the Championship along with myself and week seven’s guest Kyle. But Kieran will be hoping to do a lot better than Kyle’s previously mentioned measly score, and here are our predictions for this weekend’s Premier League games…

Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool – Saturday 12:45pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 1-2
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 2-2
  • Final Score: 0-0

Chelsea vs Aston Villa – Saturday 3pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 2-0
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 3-1
  • Final Score: 2-0

Crystal Palace vs West Ham United – Saturday 3pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 1-1
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 2-1
  • Final Score: 1-3

Everton vs Manchester United – Saturday 3pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 1-1
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 3-2
  • Final Score: 0-3

Manchester City vs Bournemouth – Saturday 3pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 3-0
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 3-0
  • Final Score: 5-1

Southampton vs Leicester City – Saturday 3pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 2-2
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 1-2
  • Final Score: 2-2

West Bromwich Albion vs Sunderland – Saturday 3pm


  • Olly’s Prediction: 0-0
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 1-1
  • Final Score: 1-0

Watford vs Arsenal – Saturday 5:30pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 1-3
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 0-3
  • Final Score: 0-3

Newcastle United vs Norwich City – Sunday 4pm

  • Olly’s Prediction: 1-1
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 2-0
  • Final Score: 6-2

Swansea City vs Stoke City – Monday 8pm


  • Olly’s Prediction: 2-1
  • Kieran’s Prediction: 2-1
  • Final Score: 0-1

I’ll share the results on Twitter after the weekend’s fixtures and also include them in next week’s Premier League predictions. If you want to take part or share your predictions, just leave a comment below! 


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