Benefits of Team Sports For Kids


It’s something a little bit different today as a few weeks ago, I received an email about whether I would be interested in publishing an article about team sports for kids. I immediately accepted, as playing for a football team since the age of eight myself was hugely enjoyable and beneficial. It was doing something that I loved and fuelled my passion for the beautiful game. So whether you read this article and reminisce about your time as a child playing team sports or actually act on it and get involved, I feel that it’s a really good read. Here is said article, and you can find out more by visiting

These days, everybody is concerned about leading a healthier lifestyle and this is something that is often extended to children. Not only should kids strive to live more actively in general, but it is important for them to get involved with team sports, like football, in particular for a number of reasons. It can prove to be highly beneficial for them, both in terms of the fun they will have and the skills they will develop.

The many ways in which team sports can help a child

The first thing that team sports can provide kids with is important lessons about personal values. As they will have to work with others closely, they will learn how to be a true friend and how to accept others. Their respect for fellow teammates will develop as they create a bond with them, something that will hopefully pass over into their everyday lives with school friends and family members. It isn’t too uncommon for children to take certain things for granted, so getting them involved in sports from an early stage is something that could prove to be very useful.

It is also the case that children who play team sports are less likely to feel isolated. Nobody wants to feel left out and parents certainly don’t want to think that their offspring might be unhappy. If a child struggles to make friends, then joining the local football team could be an effective way of combatting this since being part of a group can help develops relationships. Sports are a great way of bringing people together and will hopefully lead to more social interactions.

In the same vein, team sports can help kids overcome shyness. It’s quite common for children to be a little reserved, but playing sports and having to interact with others in order to do so can aid towards building confidence in them as they realise that they are capable of working with others maintaining friendships with their teammates. Getting a child to come out of their shell is no easy feat and so this could prove to be a valuable aspect of them joining a team.

Another way in which team sports can come in handy is the fact that it will give kids things to do in the school holidays. A lot of parents complain that their child becomes easily bored when they are out of school for the holidays and that they struggle to find ways in which to help pass the time. Being a member of a sports team can open up a lot of doors to keep kids busy, from regular practice to even going on a sports team tour it’s a sure way to keep them engaged throughout the school break.

Team sports also help kids deal with winning and losing. It is not unheard of for some modern schools and such to do away with the idea of competition, but this is something that has been largely criticised. It’s very much recommended that kids experience winning and losing because it will show them that sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. It will also teach them the values of perseverance and endurance that could be valuable in later life.

It is also good for children to be active in order to reduce the risk of obesity, which has become a major point of contention amongst modern doctors. A child who is involved with team sports will hopefully develop an attitude towards health and fitness at an early age and they will take this into adulthood with them. This is another valuable life lesson that will be hard to get through to children otherwise, so it could be a very easy solution in helping them build up a healthier lifestyle.

Not only are team sports beneficial to children themselves, but they are also good for their family. It can encourage parents to become active with their kids as they help them practice, which will, in turn, help the entire family to get active. The fact that parents can also go to cheer on their child during matches and encourage them in their endeavours will hopefully strengthen bonds, something that is helpful in bringing together a cohesive unit.

Although it might not seem too important and sound a little out there, getting kids involved with team sports could also aid towards bringing in the next generation of sports stars. When you think about all the most famous sporting icons out there at the moment, you have to remember that they will all have started as nothing more than just another player on a local sports team. Kids in the same position will most likely develop a passion for sport and it could lead to big things in the future, you never know who might be the next Lionel Messi!

There are numerous upsides when a child is involved with team sports

The abundant positives far outweigh any negatives you might think of when dealing with team sports. Teaching kids about respect and confidence can be a hard task, but is something that they will develop naturally if they become involved in team sports. And it won’t just have an upside for them, either, since their entire family are likely to end up better off – bonds will be strengthened and a more dynamic unit will be established. In all, team sports are definitely something that parents should encourage their child to become involved in.


One thought on “Benefits of Team Sports For Kids

  1. Really good points here. I have two boys in hockey in the winter and football in the summer. It keeps them active, when they aren’t in school they are playing hockey or football on the road or in the yard, and they have made lots of friends. No downside to team sports.

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