ABC World Cup: Uruguay Enter Copa America As Holders


It’s not just the European Championships happening this summer, as the Copa America will also take place in the USA. It also happened last year, but as 2016 sees 100 years since the competition was founded, a special ‘Centenario’ edition is being played out, and it is the first Copa America to be played outside of South America.

I wouldn’t usually have much interest in the competition, but current ABC World Cup holders Uruguay are of course taking part, so I’ll be following their progress as well as any teams that end up beating them. Luis Suarez and co have had one pre-tournament friendly against Trinidad & Tobago which they won 3-1 to retain their crown. Jomal Williams actually gave their opponents the lead after seven minutes, but Uruguay had turned it around by half-time thanks to an Edinson Cavani brace and Matias Vecino ensured the victory early in the second half.

The Copa America has actually already started, but Uruguay begin their campaign today against Mexico in Group C. The other teams attempting to take the ABC World Cup crown off them in the group stages are Venezuela and Jamaica. Should they progress, they’ll face a team from Group D, likely to be Argentina and Chile. Other big names to look out for are Colombia and the US (Group A) and Brazil (Group B).

I’ll provide another update after the group stages have finished, and again when the tournament has finished. It is likely that the trophy winners will also be the ABC World Cup winners too. Meanwhile, below is the complete history of the ABC World Cup…

abc wc record 10


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