Looking Back At My Euro 2016 Predictions

CREDIT: Lars Baron/Getty Images
CREDIT: Lars Baron/Getty Images

It’s fair to say that my predictions for the 2015-16 season couldn’t have gone much worse, so I hoped that my crystal ball would be working again in time for Euro 2016. Let’s see how each team got on compared to my prediction…

Group A

My Prediction

  1. France (Winners)
  2. Switzerland (Quarter-Finals)
  3. Romania (Round of 16)
  4. Albania (Group Stages)

What Happened

  1. France (Runners-Up)
  2. Switzerland (Round of 16)
  3. Albania (Group Stages)
  4. Romania (Group Stages)

I correctly predicted the top two in the group, and came very close to predicting the winners, as my guess of France made it all the way to the final. I thought Switzerland would make the quarter-finals, but they were knocked out by Poland in the Round of 16. I got Romania and Albania the wrong way round, but neither made it out of the group, making my prediction correct for the latter, whilst I over estimated the chances of the former.

Group B

My Prediction

  1. England (Semi-Finals)
  2. Wales (Round of 16)
  3. Russia (Round of 16)
  4. Slovakia (Group Stages)

What Happened

  1. Wales (Semi-Finals)
  2. England (Round of 16)
  3. Slovakia (Round of 16)
  4. Russia (Group Stages)

For once, I was optimistic about England’s chances, but they let me down yet again. They did make it out of the group, but not as group winners, and only reached the Round of 16 not the semi-finals. Actual group winners Wales did make the last four though despite me predicting them to only make the Round of 16. Russia were probably the worst team at the tournament and came nowhere near my prediction of the Round of 16, whilst Slovakia did better than I expected and reached the knockout stage.

Group C

My Prediction

  1. Germany (Semi-Finals)
  2. Poland (Round of 16)
  3. Ukraine (Group Stages)
  4. Northern Ireland (Group Stages)

What Happened

  1. Germany (Semi-Finals)
  2. Poland (Quarter-Finals)
  3. Northern Ireland (Round of 16)
  4. Ukraine (Group Stages)

Like in Group A, I got the top two spot on, and also correctly predicted how far Germany would go in the tournament as they were knocked out by France in the semi-finals like I guessed. Once again I under-estimated a home nation as Northern Ireland made the Round of 16 after I said they’d finish bottom of Group C. I predicted that Ukraine, who ended up finishing bottom, would not make it out of the group either, so I was correct on that prediction.

Group D

My Prediction

  1. Spain (Runners-Up)
  2. Croatia (Round of 16)
  3. Turkey (Round of 16)
  4. Czech Republic (Group Stages)

What Happened

  1. Croatia (Round of 16)
  2. Spain (Round of 16)
  3. Turkey (Group Stages)
  4. Czech Republic (Group Stages)

Had Croatia not beaten Spain in the final round of group fixtures, I would have got this group spot on. However, one of the worst predictions I made in the entire tournament was thinking that Spain would finish as runners-up, but they were in fact eliminated in the Round of 16. However, I did correctly guess the stage at which Croatia and the Czech Republic would be knocked out, whilst Turkey did indeed finish third as I said, but weren’t good enough to make it out of the group.

Group E

My Prediction

  1. Belgium (Quarter-Finals)
  2. Italy (Quarter-Finals)
  3. Sweden (Group Stages)
  4. Republic of Ireland (Group Stages)

What Happened

  1. Italy (Quarter-Finals)
  2. Belgium (Quarter-Finals)
  3. Republic of Ireland (Round of 16)
  4. Sweden (Group Stages)

As in Group B, I got the top two and bottom two right, but just not in the right order. Yet I correctly predicted that both Belgium and Italy would be knocked out in the quarter-finals. I also thought that Sweden would not make it out of the group and they didn’t as Zlatan announced his retirement from international football, whilst the Republic of Ireland were another team to surprise me as they finished third and reached the Round of 16.

Group F

My Prediction

  1. Portugal (Round of 16)
  2. Austria (Quarter-Finals)
  3. Iceland (Round of 16)
  4. Hungary (Group Stages)

What Happened

  1. Hungary (Round of 16)
  2. Iceland (Quarter-Finals)
  3. Portugal (Winners)
  4. Austria (Group Stages)

Before the tournament, Group F was the hardest to predict, and I got it horribly, horribly wrong. I may have predicted Portugal to win the group, but I thought they would get knocked out in the Round of 16 – in reality they scraped through in third and went on to lift the trophy. Oh dear. Austria were my ‘dark horses’, but they flopped and finished bottom, whilst the team I thought would finish bottom, Hungary, actually won the group before losing in the Round of 16. Finally, Iceland came second when I thought they would be third, and by beating England they reached the quarter-finals after I predicted they’d only make the Round of 16. Yep, I really did get it horribly, horribly wrong!


  • In the groups, I correctly guessed the placings of just six of the 24 teams – France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Czech Republic.
  • Of the 16 teams I thought would get through to the knockout stage, 12 did – Romania, Russia, Turkey and Austria let me down whilst Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Hungary surprised me!
  • I correctly guessed at which stage eight of the 24 teams would be eliminated – Albania, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy and Sweden.

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