Welcome To The New, Re-branded It’s Football Not Soccer!

After nearly three years of the same structure of It’s Football Not Soccer, I thought it was time for a shake-up. With the new season just five days away, here are the things that have changed:


New logo


New header

Alzheimer’s Research UK


Following my article on the 1966 World Cup and Alzheimer’s on Saturday, I have decided to include the ‘In Support Of Alzheimer’s Research’ Logo on the site. This will feature on both the logo and header to continue to raise awareness. If you haven’t read the aforementioned article, it would be hugely appreciated if you could give it a look.

Site Layout/Design

Old design

old layout

New design

New layout


The biggest change for me is the type of stuff I’m going to be posting. For the past two seasons, I have done ‘The Big Match Preview’, looking ahead to one of the weekend’s games, but I have decided to stop this for many reasons. It is a largely generic piece, with lots of other previews available and I can imagine it got very repetitive for you to see on social media/read as it certainly became monotonous for me to write! Finally, it also meant I had to do one EVERY weekend, when sometimes I just didn’t have the time and so therefore it tied me down. For that same reason, Premier League Predictions, which I found so fun to do last season, will also unfortunately not be continuing.

Instead, I want to post more unique articles that you won’t read anywhere else. Firstly, I want to write a lot more opinion pieces and have set myself a target of writing at least one opinion post on every Premier League club throughout the season. I also want to produce more analysis and stats-based pieces that will be interesting to read.

Furthermore, the ABC World Cup has officially ended, but if you are interested you can still follow along with the format of the tournament at: www.ufwc.co.uk

Finally, looking back at the football past is also something that intrigues me, so expect lots of ‘Where are they now?’ type pieces, along with classic games and players for times gone by. Long time readers of the blog will also remember the ‘Best Players Alphabet‘, in which I pick the top five players ever beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I only got to E, but I am now looking to bring the series back – re-publishing A-E and then continuing from there.

So as you can see, the blog should have a whole new basis as I move away from generic articles to unique articles. Pretty much the only articles that will be remaining are the Premier League Monthly Reviews, Interviews (more to come soon hopefully!) and the occasional Twitter Reacts.

There are still season previews to come on the Premier League, Football League and Europe, but all in much more basic form than they have been in previous seasons. I’m also doing a short preview to the Olympic football in the next couple of days too.

So that’s all you need to know! I hope you’re happy with the changes that will hopefully bring more readers to the blog and provide you with more interesting content read! 

Thanks for all the support as always 🙂


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