It’s Football Not Soccer Three Year Anniversary!

You are probably wondering why the feature image of this post is just a football from years gone by. Well, before footballs were made by scientists calculating how much spin you could get by kicking it, they were just made out of bits of leather stitched together (I’m a poet as well as a journalist) filled with a pig’s bladder. This is still seemingly going nowhere, BUT today is three years since I started It’s Football Not Soccer, and what gift is usually associated with three year anniversaries? That’s right, leather. The fact that I had to type in ‘leather soccer ball’ into Google to find that picture effectively sums up my annoyance expressed in the blog’s title!

Here are five ‘interesting’ facts from the last three years:

  • Leicester City have gone from third in the Championship table to lifting the Premier League title at odds of 5000/1.
  • Garry Monk has played for Swansea, managed Swansea, been sacked by Swansea and is now in charge at Leeds United.
  • Speaking of Leeds, the Whites have had eight different managers in three years. Watford aren’t far behind with seven.
  • Blackpool have gone from sixth in the Championship table to playing in League Two.
  • England are still terrible at football.

And here are five speculative things that I think will happen in the next three years:

  • Tottenham Hotspur will win the Premier League title.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo will move back to Manchester United.
  • Thierry Henry will have managed (or be managing) in the Premier League.
  • Wayne Rooney will move to the MLS.
  • Reading FC will be promoted from the EFL Championship (come on, I had to!)

But football is unpredictable, so anything could, and most likely will, happen – apart from the above five predictions!

So that’s just a brief post for today, but one that needs to end with a huge thank you for all your support throughout the last three years. It sounds obvious, but blogging and journalism are meaningless unless there are people on phones, tablets or computers reading your ramblings. The change in style of posts at the start of August is a decision that has paid off, with more website views than ever before, and hopefully you are enjoying reading more of my views and unique research rather than just match previews you could find anywhere else.

The next year is set to be a scary but incredibly exciting one, with my A-Levels next summer and then the start of of university in the Autumn. I am now getting paid to write for a website called It’s Gone Viral, making me effectively a freelance journalist, which is beyond incredible to say. But all the voluntary writing I do on here and on The Tilehurst End I still enjoy just as much, as I get to write about a wide range of topics.

Keep reading, sharing and telling me your views over the next three years!



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